Try us before you decide to invest!

We know that you will be satisfied with your purchase of a Borche injection molding machine, but for you to feel completely safe we ​​have developed a concept that we call JMC “TRY OUT”.

The JMC “TRY OUT” concept means that you can borrow a Borche injection molding machine to try the machine before you buy your own Borche injection molding machine.

For it to be as smooth as possible for you as a customer and also for us at JMC, we have come in a smart way for transportation, installation and commissioning of machine and peripheral equipment.

The concept means that everything, ie the injection molding machine and all the peripheral equipment needed (robot, cooling unit, tempering unit, dryer, material system, etc.) are located on one and the same platform. The platform rests on wheels, this facilitates the movement to the desired location in your factory. Machine feet are easily screwed down for the platform to stand stable. All that is needed is a 3-phase 32 amp current socket to connect to.

And now it’s just to whine and drive. But of course we will come out in connection with the delivery for training on the machine’s functions, etc.

For more information or booking of JMC “TRY OUT” please contact Mårten or Jens.